Adolescent Kit has been used in 21 countries around the world, reaching 160,000 adolescent girls and boys since it was launched in 2017.

It is used in a range of humanitarian and protracted emergencies, in countries affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and protracted crises, in fragile and vulnerable development contexts, and among migrants, refugees, internally displaced people and host communities.

Around the world, the activities and approaches in the Kit are being incorporated into a broad range of interventions. The Kit has been used with adolescents in preventing or preparing for emergencies, responding to them or building back more resilient and socially cohesive communities afterwards.

Some countries have incorporated it into programmes offering psychosocial support to adolescents or addressing harmful practices or risky behaviours. Others have used it to engage adolescents in processes to promote peacebuilding and social cohesion, or to spark their civic engagement.

The Kit has also been used to offer adolescents opportunities to learn valuable life skills, research and analyse issues they have identified in their communities and exercise their capacities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Kit in Action

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