Resources for Programme Coordinators

The Adolescent Kit offers guidance and tools for “programme coordinators,” a term used in the Adolescent Kit to mean anyone who has a key role in designing, managing or running a programme or intervention for adolescents.

These guides and tools how to get started with the Adolescent Kit, and what steps to take to integrate the Adolescent Circles approach into programmes or interventions for adolescent girls and boys. They outline the basics of using the resources in the kit to make programmes that support adolescents’ psychosocial wellbeing, learning and positive engagement stronger and more effective. The guidance also includes information on how to identify and reach adolescents (especially those who are hardest to reach), where and when to offer activities, how to set up a team of facilitators, how to manage supplies, and the best ways to involve adolescents and the community at all stages of the process.

Explore guides and tools that will help you to design and start a new programme for adolescents, or find ways to strengthen and enhance a programme that is already underway, to make it more accessible, engaging, and rewarding for adolescents.

You can find these guides and tools for programme coordinators under “Programme resources” in the menu at the top of this page.