The Adolescent Kit supports activities that allow adolescents to experiment, express themselves and tap into talents they may not be aware they have. It gives them time to reflect, create and have fun while they solve problems, develop skills and explore new ideas.

Adolescents and expression

Working with the arts can help adolescents express ideas and feelings, learn life skills and experience the world around them in new ways. Expressing themselves through different types of art can connect adolescents with their cultures and heritage and give them opportunities to contribute creatively to their communities.

The Adolescent Kit helps adolescents explore the arts through activities that focus on:

  • Drawing and painting,
  • Singing and dancing,
  • Playing musical instruments,
  • Creating stories, poems or plays, and
  • Acting and drama

Providing adolescents with opportunities to innovate – experiment, solve problems and explore new ideas – can stimulate their thinking and stretch their minds. This is particularly important in humanitarian contexts, where adolescents’ cognitive development may be disrupted by the stresses and emotional impact of conflict or disaster.

The Adolescent Kit gives adolescents space to innovate through activities such as:

  • Planning and carrying out creative projects,
  • Experimenting and working on inventions,
  • Exploring new ideas and concepts, and
  • Brainstorming solutions to problems and challenges.

Read more about the role of expression and innovation in the Foundation Guide (p. 27).