Resources for Facilitators

The Adolescent Kit provides guidance and tools for “facilitators,” the term used in the Adolescent Kit to mean anyone who leads activities with groups of adolescents to support their psychosocial wellbeing, learning and positive engagement with the world around them. Facilitators may have other titles, such as teachers, animators, or simply ‘volunteers’, and may work in in safe spaces, schools, clubs, recreation programmes, or other programmes or interventions.

The guidance and tools for facilitators provide them with resources to plan and lead relevant, appropriate, engaging activities for the adolescents with whom they work, using effective, human rights-based facilitation methods. The guidance outlines basic steps that facilitators can take to plan and lead activities that support positive outcomes for the adolescents as they forming supportive ‘circles’ with their peers.

At the heart of the Adolescent Kit’s resources for facilitators is the “Activity Box,” which offers 90 different expression and innovation activities for adolescents. Additional guidance and tools support facilitators to choose and adapt activities from the Activity Box, and to plan sessions and sequences of activities that create a learning and action path that is relevant for adolescents with different interests, needs and goals.

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Read this overview to learn more about the resources for facilitators in the Adolescent Kit. You can browse all the other guides and tools for facilitators under “Facilitators’ Resources” in the menu at the top of this page.