Activity Box

This “Activity Box” is a searchable tool to help facilitators find and use activities that will work well for an Adolescent Circle. It includes more than 90 activity guides, ranging from step-by-step guidance and instructions for activities that take 30-60 minutes, to quick and easy “energizers” and project ideas.

Some activities in the “box” are simple games or other individual activities that can work well for adolescents meeting for the first time and/or who want to have fun with simple, energizing and relaxing games. Others are more complex activities that will work well in a sequence, for an adolescent circle that is ready for the challenge of planning and carrying out projects together based on their interests and goals.

Use and adapt them to make your sessions engaging and fun!

In this Activity Box you can find:
  • Activity Guides: 50 step-by-step guides to activities that you can adapt to adolescents’ needs and interests within sessions in each of the Four Phases, as well as Circle Building activities that can be used in any of the phases. Corresponding Portable Activity Cards provide a quick reference for each activity.
  • Energizer Cards: 20 cards with instructions for short, fun games or restful activities with adolescents in the middle or at the start of sessions. These are designed especially for the Starting Our Circle phase but can be used as warm-up activities in other phases.
  • Inspiration Cards: Inspiring ideas for quick activities to keep adolescents motivated and interested.
  • Facilitator Tools: Useful tools for planning and facilitating sessions with adolescents, including a topic bank with a list of additional ideas that can be integrated into activities and emotion cards to help adolescents identify and communicate their emotions.
Choosing and using Activity Guides

Building Activity Phases: This “Activity Box” is a unique feature of the Adolescent Kit, reflecting its design for adaptability. Instead of offering modules or a manual, the Activity Box enables facilitators, with adolescents, to build “phases,” or sequences of activities adapted to the situation, needs and interests of adolescents. As you begin to explore the Activity Box, it may help you to get started by learning more about the phases approach, and how choose and plan a phase that works for your Adolescent Circle.

Activity Guide Key: Each guide includes key information to help you choose, adapt and use activities that will work well for your adolescent circle. This Activity Guide Key will help you to find and use the information you need, and recognize and interpret icons used throughout the Kit.

Translating Activity Box materials: If you are planning to translate some or of the Adolescent Kit into a new language, you can find all Activity Guides, Energizers and Inspiration Cards in Word and InDesign formats in this google folder (this link takes you to an external site), and review guidance for the translation process on the Adolescent Kit and Translation page