Build adolescents’ competencies

The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation supports adolescents in humanitarian situations to develop key competencies for emotional wellbeing, healthy relationships and other skills that are relevant to their lives and circumstances. These competencies draw from child protection, psychosocial, education and youth empowerment initiatives, and are at the core of activities and approaches in the Adolescent Kit.

Use the Adolescent Kit with adolescents to build their competencies in the areas of…

  • Identity and Self Esteem
    Identity and Self Esteem
  • Leadership and Influence
    Leadership and Influence
  • Cooperation and Teamwork
    Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Empathy and Respect
    Empathy and Respect
  • Creativity and Innovation
    Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Expression
    Communication and Expression
  • Problem Solving and Managing Conflict
    Problem Solving and Managing Conflict
  • Coping with Stress and Managing Emotions
    Coping with Stress and Managing Emotions
  • Hope for the Future and Goal Setting
    Hope for the Future and Goal Setting
  • Critical Thinking and Decisionmaking
    Critical Thinking and Decisionmaking

These are broad categories of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are essential for the wellbeing and healthy development of all adolescents, particularly those who have been affected by crisis and conflict. They include the abilities adolescents need to cope with crisis, build (and restore) healthy relationships, explore the world around them, engage with their communities and pursue their interests and goals.

Read more about each of the Ten Key Competencies and their importance for adolescents.

Each of the activities in the Adolescent Kit is designed to help adolescents to acquire or practice their knowledge, attitudes and skills within one or more of these competency domains. Some activities introduce these competencies at a basic level, while others offer adolescents the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to a higher standard.

Browse the Activity Box to find Activity Guides by the competency domain they address.

As you get started in using the Adolescent Kit, work with adolescents to identify which competency domains are the most relevant and important to them. Consult them, and parents, community members, programme staff to agree on goals for knowledge, attitudes and skills that are most relevant and select activities that address them.

To set competency goals with adolescents and measure their progress, use these guides and tools for...