UNICEF Lebanon has been a leader in using and adapting the Adolescent Kit since its launch in 2016. UNICEF-Lebanon implements the Adolescent Kit through its adolescents and youth programme, through which teachers and facilitators support adolescents’ psychosocial wellbeing and protection, and promote engagement among young people from different backgrounds and situations.

In 2021 under the PROSPECTS partnership funded by the Government of the Netherlands, UNICEF-Lebanon has collaborated with UNHCR to implement the Adolescent Kit to build local organizations’ capacity to reach and engage both Lebanese and refugee adolescents with effective child well being education and protection programmes. Starting in 2022, UNICEF Lebanon expanded use of the Adolescent Kit, integrating it more broadly into all partnerships addressing the empowerment of adolescents 10-19, and using it as resource to support their development and improvement of core skills for well-being. Assessments of the programmes conducted with adolescents who had completed the sessions found they have experienced substantial improvements in their measurable communication skills, and more ease in collaborating with new people.

Using the Adolescent Kit to enhance existing programs and open meaningful opportunities for young people through community service programs, UNICEF-Lebanon has:

  • Collaborated with different organizations in several regions of Lebanon to train nearly 300 youth facilitators to implement the Adolescent Kit approaches and activities
  • Empowered more than 3000 adolescents and youth with to engage in community service programs.
  • Motivated thousands of youth to participate in providing solutions to problems in their local communities.
  • Supported young people’s psychological well-being as a positive impact of their participation in programmes using the Adolescent Kit.

Having found that the Adolescent Kit is an important and effective resource to empower youth, support their personal development and well being, and involve them in taking action in their communities as they learn new skills, UNICEF-Lebanon plans to build and expand its partners to utilize the Kit in the youth, education and CP programs programs, including in Makani (MY PLACE) centers throughout Lebanon and among local NGOs facilitators and front line humanitarian responders.

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