UNICEF-Uganda’s Adolescents and Youth and Technology for Development (T4D) teams, and their partners, were among the early contributors to the Adolescent Kit’s development, and shared their visions and strategies for the Kit’s design as a resource to promote young people’s project-based learning, design thinking and involvement in peacebuilding.

More recently, UNICEF-Uganda has collaborated with Uganda’s Ministry of Education Sports (MoES) and nongovernmental organizations Aflatoun and PEDN to adapt and utilize the Adolescent Kit to promote and strengthen School Clubs and Out-of-School Clubs throughout the country. With its governmental and NGO partners, UNICEF-Uganda supported the development of a Life Skills Toolkit for use with those clubs, adapting activities and approaches from the Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation that support arts-based learning and adolescent-led community engagement projects, and integrating modules on health, violence prevention, and financial literacy and planning. The Life Skills Toolkit, launched in November 2022, integrates the MoES’s national curricula together with the Adolescent Kit and other global learning resources in one comprehensive, adolescent-centered skills-building package, thus providing competency-based learning and 21st century skills for adolescents through co-curricular hours in and beyond schools.

In 2021 and 2022, the Life Skills Toolkit, with its 7 modules and 38 sessions, was piloted in clubs in approximately 700 schools across the country, benefiting about 21,000 adolescent students. UNICEF-Uganda now continues to provide ongoing support to the MoES in scaling up and institutionalizing the Toolkit within co-curricular spaces in primary and secondary schools throughout the country. UNICEF also plans to collaborate with community-based organizations to develop effective and sustainable models to reach, support and mobilize out-of-school adolescents by utilizing the Toolkit in non-formal education institutions.

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