BANGLADESH (Cox’s Bazaar)

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, where UNICEF serves thousands of Rohingya refugees, the Adolescent Kit is implemented in Multipurpose Child and Adolescent Centers (MCACs), one-stop hubs for young people to access education, protection and other social services. The Kit is integrated into the MCACs’ Life Skills Education programme, which supports adolescents’ psychosocial wellbeing, and opens opportunities for them to develop networks, increase their knowledge and develop leadership skills. In 2021, activities and resources from the Adolescent Kit were integrated into an additional programme focused on social cohesion between Rohingya refugees and Bengali adolescents to enhance pre-existing goals of the programme.

In 2020, UNICEF and the Cox’s Bazaar Youth Working Group introduced the Adolescent Kit for Innovation and Expression Adapted Package for COVID-19 to provide adolescents with continuity in their opportunities to learn while under stay-at-hole orders during the pandemic. With the adapted resources, adolescents self-administered activities at home or through small Adolescent Club meetings. In this modality, the Adolescent Kit has also proven to be an efficient way to reach more girls as well as adolescents with disabilities in Bangladesh.

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