UNICEF-Jordan contributed to the development of the Adolescent Kit beginning in 2014, and has been a pioneer in using and adapting it since its launch in 2016. UNICEF-Jordan, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth of the Kingdom of Jordan, implements the Adolescent Kit through the Maharati (My Skills) programme, a holistic and comprehensive programme that supports adolescents’ development of 21st-century skills to support their transition to productive and resilient adulthood. The Maharati programme integrates the Adolescent Kit activities and approaches with the regional Life Skills for Citizenship Education (LSEC) curriculum framework, opening opportunities for adolescents to learn and practice Ten Key Competencies as well as skills for financial literacy, social innovation, employability and digital literacy.

During the COVID-19 emergency, UNICEF-Jordan used the Adapted Package of the Kit for activities with adolescents through facilitated or self-paced sessions – all from the safety of their own homes under stay-at-home orders. The Kit’s activities reached young Syrian refugees in the camps, internally displaced communities, and host populations, online and offline. Youth volunteers and a national core team of trainers also translated and localized the Adapted Kit into an online resource package, and rolling it out via voice recordings and videos on WhatsApp groups to facilitate discussions with adolescents. Through their participation in the Adolescent Kit activities young people have also initiated community advocacy and action projects around issues that concern them, including climate change and education.

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