Recommended Adolescent Kit Trainers

Should your country office or partners require training on how to implement the Adolescent Kit in a new or existing program, we suggest contacting the following experienced trainers who can assist you with your efforts. These trainers can provide support working together, collaboratively with other trainers, or individually. 


Juliet L. Young

Juliet Young was the technical lead and coordinator of UNICEF's initiatives to develop the Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation and the Peacebuilding Competency Framework and Toolkit. She designed and co-authored the guidance and tools in the kit, and collaborated with a team of consultants, UNICEF programme specialists, partners and adolescents in eight countries to create resources that work effectively in the field. Juliet also co-authored the training package for the Adolescent Kit, and has facilitated planning and training-of-trainer workshops for UNICEF and partners using the kits in South Sudan, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Juliet can support UNICEF and other organisations to use the Adolescent Kit in ways that address the needs of adolescents within their particular programmes and context.  This includes designing and conducting training, and working with managers, coordinators and trainers to develop strategies for integrating the tools and resources in the Kit within ongoing or new programmes.

Juliet has more than twenty years of professional experience in adolescent education and development, working for UNICEF and other organizations in humanitarian and development contexts that include Somalia, Uganda, Haiti, Jordan, Mauritania, Mongolia, and Cambodia, as well as low-income communities in New York City. As a trainer she draws from her previous experiences managing education programmes in emergencies, conducting global research on adolescent girls' education, carrying out participatory research studies with young people affected by conflict, training teachers, facilitating school planning teams, and ten years of working with and learning from adolescents as a high school social studies and humanities teacher.  

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Skype: juliet.l.young


Taylor O'Connor

During 2015 Taylor led in further development of the Peacebuilding Competency Framework and contributed to version 2.0 of the Adolescent Kit.  In mid-2016 he completed the development of the Adolescents as Peacebuilders Toolkit, a complimentary resource to the Adolescent Kit that is designed to support UNICEF and its global partners to plan and evaluate of programs using the competency framework. 

After having spent 4 years supporting the development of local peacebuilding initiatives, conducting conflict analysis and advising international agencies in Myanmar he recently relocated to Thailand where he continues to advise peacebuilding projects in Myanmar and works remotely to support the work of ADAP. He speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys working with local partners and other stakeholders to develop innovative strategies to transform conflict.

Taylor graduated with an MA in Peace Education from the UN Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and specializes in developing participatory training workshops in a range of peace and conflict related topics. As a trainer for the Adolescent Kit he can additionally integrate workshops for planning and evaluation of programs using the Peacebuilding Competency Framework. 

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+66 (0)87.706.2910 (Thailand)

+95 (0)97.9282.5066 (Myanmar)

Skype: taylor.g.oconnor