Programme coordinators’ feedback

Please share feedback and thoughts from your own experience as you support and observe facilitators and adolescents using the kit. Use the Comments section below. 


Questions about the Coordinators’ Guide:

a)   What suggestions or resources in this guide are new and different from guidance you have received before?

b)   What approaches from this guide have you used?

c)   What should we add or change to this guide to make it more helpful?

Questions about the Facilitators’ Guide:

a)   Which activities and approaches from the facilitators’ guide are facilitators in your programme using?

b)   In what ways have those activities and approaches worked well? Please give examples, and explain.

c)   Have the facilitators tried any activities or approaches that have not worked well? Please explain.

d)   What could we add to or change about the facilitators’ manual to make it more useful and helpful?