Questions related to the Facilitator’s Tablet

Please let us know your thoughts about the Facilitator's Tablet by answering the questions below. Use the Comments section to share your thoughts. 

a) Do you find the facilitator’s tablet useful for your work with adolescents? If so, how so? If not, why not?

b) Do you find the whiteboard feature of the tablet useful? If so, why? If not, why not?

c) Do you attach paper to the tablet or only use the whiteboard?

d) How can the facilitator’s tablet be improved?

e) Are there any additional supplies we should include in the facilitator’s tablet? 

Questions related to the design of the Portable Activity Cards

We'd love to hear your feedback related to the Portable Activity Cards. Please answer the following questions using the Comments section below. 

a) Are the portable activity cards useful to you? Do you use them with the facilitator’s tablet or in another way? If another way, how?

b) Do you find the icons and rating information on the portable activity cards useful? If not, why not?

c) How can we improve the portable activity cards to make them more useful to you?

Programme coordinators’ feedback

Please share feedback and thoughts from your own experience as you support and observe facilitators and adolescents using the kit. Use the Comments section below. 


Questions about the Coordinators’ Guide:

a)   What suggestions or resources in this guide are new and different from guidance you have received before?

b)   What approaches from this guide have you used?

c)   What should we add or change to this guide to make it more helpful?

Questions about the Facilitators’ Guide:

a)   Which activities and approaches from the facilitators’ guide are facilitators in your programme using?

b)   In what ways have those activities and approaches worked well? Please give examples, and explain.

c)   Have the facilitators tried any activities or approaches that have not worked well? Please explain.

d)   What could we add to or change about the facilitators’ manual to make it more useful and helpful? 

Questions to ask the adolescents about themselves

We are looking to understand about the adolescents using the Adolescent Kit. Please answering any or all of the questions below using the Comments section.

a) How did you learn about this programme? Why did you decide to join? What are your goals or hopes as you participate in this programme?

b) What kinds of activities have you participated in through this programme? Which do you remember best, and what do you remember about them? Which did you enjoy the most?

c) Were there activities that you did not enjoy or did not find interesting?

d) What kinds of activities would you like to do more? You can mention kinds of activities you have already tried, or new things you would like to try.

e) What kind of activities would you like to do less of?

Questions about the Facilitator's Tools

We'd like to understand how you are using the Facilitator's Tools and how we can improve them. Please answer any or all of the questions by using the Comments section.

a) Which activities have you used?

b) Which other guidance or tools from the facilitators’ guide have you used in planning and facilitating session with adolescents?

c) Are there parts of the guide that you rarely or never use? Which ones, and why not?

d) What in the guide is new or different from other resources you have seen or used?