The Adolescent Kit is now available for download!

The latest version of the Adolescent Kit is available for download. On this page you will find links to files including:

  • pdfs to all technical guidance
  • pdfs of design templates to help you build your own physical supply kit*
  • videos including assembly instructions, as well as a promotional video of the kit in action in the field. 

*The Adolescent Kit is currently only available for purchase by UNICEF country offices. Country offices should visit the Supply Division catalogue for more information on how to order. Non-UNICEF organizations cannot purchase the Adolescent Kit, however the files available on this website are free to use. Should you or your organization choose to do so, it would be extremely helpful if you would share your experience and/or feedback. Please send feedback to

Arabic and French versions of the technical guidance are available. Please contact us if you would like to receive these files. In addition, InDesign files can also be made available if required. 

English Language

Quick Guide

Looking to quickly familiarize yourself with the Adolescent Kit? The Quick Guide is the place to start.

Download the Quick Guide here

Facilitator Tools

The Facilitator Tools provide useful tools for planning and facilitating sessions with adolescents.

Download the Facilitator Tools here

Activity Box

The Activity Box contains a variety of activities and tools that you can choose from and adapt to adolescents’ goals and interests as you plan sessions. More details on how to effectively use the resources within the Activity Box can be read here.

Activity Guides

Download a generic Activity Guide to familiarize yourself with its structure here.

Download the full set of Activity Guide cards here.

Energizer Cards

Download the full set of Energizer Cards here.

Inspiration Cards

Download the full set of Inspiration Cards here.

Portable Activity Cards

For those who use the physical version of the kit, we've developed Portable Activity Cards to be used with the Facilitator Tablet. These cards cover many of the key elements found in the Activity Guides. 

Download the full set of Portable Activity Cards here.

Supply Guide

The Adolescent Kit is comprised of guidance, tools, activities as well as a physical kit. If you are interested in learning about the supply items within the kit, please download the Supply Guide here.

Build Your Own Adolescent Kit!

UNICEF country offices can purchase the Adolescent Kit via the UNICEF Supply Catalogue. This version of the kit comes complete with all guidance, tools, activities, a usb key with requisite pdfs as well as the physical kit. Should you want to build your own kit, you can find the requisite files below and videos to walk you through its assembly in the Videos section of this site:

Backpack carrier template

Large carrier template

Large pod template

Small pod template

Facilitator tablet template

Emotion cube Pt. 1 template, Emotion cube Pt. 2 template, create your own Emotion cube template