The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation was made possible with financial support from the US Fund for UNICEF and the Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme funded by the Government of the Netherlands.
We would like to thank the following individuals and foundations for their generous support to the US Fund for UNICEF for this initiative
The Hishmeh Foundation
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Terri Hoffman
Mr. Christopher Rauschenberg
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Carrie D. Rhodes
Luly and Maurice Samuels
Jennifer and Tracy Wong

Special thanks to Charlene Engelhard and the Charles Engelhard Foundation for their support for this project, and for their commitment to bringing arts and creative expression to children facing profound adversity.
UNICEF thanks the US Fund for UNICEF for support of this initiative, especially Kristen Mangelinkx Jones, Vice President, Regional Fundraising; Elana Western, Deputy Director, New England Region; Laura Driscoll, Officer, New England Region; Sang Silano, Managing Director, Global Programs & Field Engagement; and Vivian Lantier, Proposal Writer, Proposal & Report Development, Global Programs & Field Engagement.